General policy

The price
The prices are expressed in Euros and are subject to change without notice.
They are blocked as soon as a firm booking is made.
They are available on our website under ‘Rates’.

Duration of stay
Generally the minimum stay is 2 nights.
In high season is one week.
Your stay will not exceed 2 weeks (14 nights).

booking procedure
1) Select your dates:
Our availability calendars are kept up to date and show the firm bookings already settled. The options do not appear as they are not settled.
2) completely fill the reservation form?
3) pay online

You will receive a confirmation email summarizing your choice.

In case of cancellation within less than or equal to 15 days, the payment will be permanently acquired.
In case of cancellation within less than 1 month (and greater than 15 days), payment made will be refunded by 50% within 1 month maximum.

If more people take an option on the same dates, the person who first set the amount of the stay will confirm your reservation …

From Monday to Saturday between 4.30pm and 7.30 p.m.
Make an appointment no later than the day before arrival. In the event that the rental would be ready to welcome you (usually when it n there has been no departure on the day of arrival), we can accept an arrival before 15h without additional charge. For a late arrival after 19h00 an extra 20 € will be charged.
Departures are 7/7 before 10:30
The keys will be handed to the person who greeted you … Make sure to leave with: dishes ,  oven, and ground cleaned, garbage out …).
Deposit / Deposit
The deposit in the amount of 300 Euros (cash) must be submitted no later than upon arrival. The entry into the premises is subject to this rules. If any damage, loss or breakage is observed, and if you have not violated the contractual conditions of stay (number of people, duration, pets, …) when you exit the e deposit will be returned (in a maximum of 15 days), minus the repairs if necessary  and € 25 additional fee.
A detail of repairs and charges levied will be sent by registered mail with return receipt to the tenant.
In case of reduction of the duration of the stay and reserved, within less than 15 days prior to entry, the amount corresponding to the expected initial stay will be due in full.

Payment is made exclusively online, by credit card or PayPal.
Very unusually bank transfer may be accepted in the order of Didier Deléglise and bank details will be communicated in due course, as appropriate.

Attitude and presentation
« L’atelier des  Goudes » attaches great importance to adopt a non-discriminatory manner, not to refuse a rental over a foreign name, sexual orientation, political opinion, membership of a race or a religion …
Out of respect vis-à-vis the neighborhood, and the owner of « L’atelier des Goudes » we attach too much importance to the behavior of tenants as they arrive (this is dressed properly and clean) and during stay tenants must  behave and be respectful.of the neighbours and premises?
« L’atelier des  Goudes » may refuse access to a rental if this rule is not respected, and without any remaining refund the rental balance. If any complaints occurs  due to noise or other negative behavior « L’atelier des Goudes » shall be entitled to make you shorten your stay.

forgotten items
The shipping costs to return the forgotten objects in the tenant.
The keys
1 set of keys is provided. In case of loss, we will charge the deposit the amount charged by the fixer (large variation depending on the type of keys) + 20 € fee.

Any complaints concerning the rented property must be made within 48 hours of entering the premises by telephone and by letter, accompanied by supporting documents, addressed to « L’atelier des  Goudes » – 53C  rue pite pite – 13008 Marseille.
After the 48 hoursdelay, claims will not be considered.
It is important to note that  L’atelier des Goudes can not be held responsible for irregularities that may occur in water, electricity, or internet.

For hygiene and  allergic tenants your pets are unfortunately not allowed in our house. Access to rent may be denied if you show up with an animal, without reimbursement of amounts already paid. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know the nearest kennels quality of your rental. If initially there are hairs and other highlights the arrival of animals, a retained on bail (for additional cleaning) may take place to eliminate all traces of their passage.

Accommodation capacity
The capacity is limited to 4 people.
If you exceed the number of people, without our agreement, upon arrival or during your stay, we are entitled to deny you the access to the premices or to ask you an additional fee. The provision of additional beds is not allowed. In case of abuse, the owner or his agent may request the immediate release of the premises and seek compensation for damage suffered. It can also be true in case of trouble in the neighborhood.


Any lost, broken, deteriorated or damaged item or hardware must be replaced or refunded at its replacement value by the tenant that it requires. It is forbidden to throw in the sinks, tubs, toilets and other sanitation facilities, objects likely to obstruct and detergent products which can damage the equipment or pipes. In case of deterioration of this, the tenant would be liable for the costs for the rehabilitation of these facilities.
Cleaning on departure
fee of € 30, non-negotiable .
Nevertheless, we ask you to leave the  flat in a correct ‘correct state ‘:  dishes, oven , floors and toilets cleaned, garbage out …).

Sheets and towels
Sheets, duvet and towels are optional and costs 20 € per bed

Furniture, fire, water damage is covered by insurance taken out by « The workshop Goudes ». But does not cover your personal items we advise you to take a personal insurance.

There is no smoking allowed inside our home. If a tobacco odor persists on departure, « The workshop Goudes » may levy a surcharge on bail for time spent and pressing need to eliminate all odors.

Children are under surveillance, the responsibility of parents and guardians who agree to never continue in court « The workshop Goudes » and / or the owner in case of serious or slight accident

Cancellation by the tenant
You must cancel in writing, email or letter to the address of the headquarters of « The workshop Goudes », on behalf of Nathalie BEGLIOMINI. The date of receipt authentic. Ifyou cancel less of less than 15 days before the scheduled date, the deposit paid or not will be asked.
If you do not show up at the agreed time, well past 12 pm will be delivered in rent by « The workshop Goudes » to another tenant. If you leave the lease before the end of the scheduled period, you are not entitled to any refund.

Cancellation – Modification by « L’atelier des  Goudes »
If « L’atelier des Goudes » is obliged to modify or cancel the lease specified in the booking confirmation we will inform you as soon as possible and we will try to offer you an alternative, close to your starting contract .
If you are not satisfied with the alternative, we will refund the full amount paid.
legal regime and term of contract
The lease is governed by French law and is entered as a temporary residence and pleasure. The lease automatically ceases upon the expiry of the fixed term of the lease. Lease may not be extended without the prior written consent of « The workshop Goudes ». The premises can not be used as a primary or even secondary and the tenant may not practice any business, craft or profession.
Consequently, the lease will be governed by the civil code provisions and the requirements of this mandate.
These general conditions apply if otherwise stipulated, different, or additional in the special conditions.
In case of dispute, the parties elect domicile at the addresses provided when booking.
Tenant Obligations
Generally, the tenant must:
Being quiet and ensure good housekeeping.  PArties of any kind are not allowed in the premises.
Leave the  premises, furniture and equipment in good working condition.
Do nothing that may disturb the peacefulness of the neighborhood.
Immediately inform « L’atelier des Goudes » of any problem, malfunction or loss or damage occurring during the stay.